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Don Mario Mexican Restaurant!

From the article at our local newspaper:


“We serve more traditional food that you can find in Mexico, and we wanted to bring that with us,” Radilla said. “The [hispanic community] really enjoys the food, but we’ve noticed a lot of American folks like to explore a little more, and a lot of them enjoy seafood.”

Two different soups — Menudo and a “Seven Seas Stew” — are popular menu items that Raddila will continue to serve on weekends at Don Mario’s. The well-known street tacos require a great deal of effort to make from scratch, Raddila said.

“Every recipe takes time — you have to literally love on it,” she said. “We served them at the Taste of Owensboro and everyone got really excited. They were fascinated by the tortillas cooking on the griddle.”

About Us

TEQUILA & margaritas -


IT makes

me happy!

11 am to 9 pm



Includes chips & salsa 

and 2 liters Pepsi or Dr. Pepper.

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Hola Amigos!



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122 West 2nd. St Suite A
Owensboro, ky 42303
(270) 684-6678
OPEN DAILY 11 am till 9 pm
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